Batch Coders

Batch Coders

We offer premium quality Numex & PIC Brand Batch Coders that are available for various surfaces and different shapes and sizes to meet different demands of our huge clientele, widely used for stamping permanent prints. The Batch Coders offered by us fulfills your requirements in normal as well as nylo dot matrix fonts for printing Batch No., Pkd., Exp., M.R.P, Net wt., Qty., Size etc. These Batch coder can print on any surface like flat, round, curved, bottom etc., can print on any product like bottles & jars, pouches, labels, laminated cartons, tins etc., can print on porous & non porous surfaces. These are available in Metal, Pastable Nylon & Grooved Hard rubber Fonts.

  • Manual Batch Coder
  • Flatex
  • Curvex
  • Cupex
  • Bottlex
  • Outer Pack Markers
  • Online Conveyor Intermittent Coder
  • Handy Marker for printing on laminated cartons, poly sacs, metal plates etc, font size 8, 10, 12, 14, & 25mm

Flatex 01
Flatex 01 Details

Model : N-354 / G - 354
Quality of pastable Nylo letter in Model N-354.
Available in 2.5mm (6 lines), 3mm (5 lines) or 4mm (4 lines) size.
Convenience of push-Fit, 3 Lines (3mm 4mm or 4.5 mm) Groove letters in Model G – 354.
Plain or Dot-Matrix fonts.
Prints on laminated cartons, puches / Labels, square / round tins / jars, pipes / bottles etc.
Print area of 35mm x 22mm.

Flatex 02
Flatex 02 Details

Model : M-354
Ease of composable metal letters.
Availabe in 2mm (5 Lines), 3mm (4 Lines) or 4mm (4 lines) size.
Plain or typewriter fonts.
Prints on laminated cartons, pouches / labels, packets etc.
Print area of 35mm x 22mm.

Bottlex Details

Model : N-354
Prints on the neck of soft-drink bottles of 200 mL to 300 ml or mineral water bottles of 1 Ltr. To 2 ltr.
Print area is 35mm x 12mm, 3 lines with 2.5mm Nylo-IJ letters.
Sample bottle is required along with order.

Cupex Details

Model : N-354
Prints on the round fragile side of the cups / glasses.
From small Ice-Cream to large shri-khand cups can be coded by the same model.
For coding on cup-Bottom, sample cup is the required along with order.

Bottomex Details

Model : B-213
Prints on base / bottom of bottles, jars, cans, tins etc.
Quality of pastable Nylo letters.
Model B-213 is available.
Sample / dimentions ae required along with the order.

Curvex Details

Model : C-213
Same as Model N-213
Prints on curved sides of small bottles / Tins, filled pouches, tubes / pipes etc.

Date cum Numbering
Date cum Numbering Details

Automatic serial-Numbering along with adjustable date in one stroke.
Hardened alloy Rotary-wheels in alloy frame.
Six digits date in gothic block (4.5mm) font.
Serial numbers in roman antiqua (5.5mm) font.
Option of four digit numbering with two actions or six digit numbering with five actions.
Used in In-coming, out-going mails, Referencing applications etc.

Handy Marker
Handy Marker Details

Prints on Corrugated cartons, wooden cases, sacks, drums, sheets, Plywood, Decorative Laminates etc.
Available for Porous or Non-Porous surfaces.
Auto-Reset after every print.
Mini-Marker G-50 can print on 50mm x 325mm area with 10mm (5lines) or 14mm (3 lines) push fit stereo.
Handy-Marker G-96 Can print on 96mm x 325 mm area with 14mm (6 lines) or 25mm (3 lines) Push fit stereo.
Handy Marker for printing on laminated cartons, poly sacs, metal plates etc, font size 8, 10, 12, 14, 25 & 40 mm

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